1. BE CALM, COOL & CONFIDENT – Remaining calm, regardless of what’s happening, shows your confidence in your ability to handle the lamb/situation.  Also, when you’re calm, it helps to calm your lamb.
  2. DRESS TO IMPRESS –  FFA members, dress to your FFA dress code (clean & pressed)    
    • Clean clothes! Do NOT work/hang out in your show clothes.  Bring a spare change of clothes.
    • Appropriate clothes!  (ie. western shirt/jeans/belt/boots)  Do NOT wear stained, ratty, or ragged clothes.  Do NOT wear a hat.  Do NOT over accessorize. Remember it’s a lamb show not a beauty pageant.  Think classy. 
  3. BE ATTENTIVEBe aware of the judge at all times.  Do NOT focus more on you lamb than the judge.  Make eye contact, smile…look happy to be there.  Do NOT scowl/frown/stare at the judge.
  4. DO NOT MANHANDLE YOUR LAMB – This applies to everyone, but, especially you older boys!  What?  Yeah.  It’s often said “girls are better showmen than guys”.  My personal opinion is that women & kids have to finesse the animals more because they can’t ‘manhandle’ them.  So, in the field the guys have an advantage but in the show ring…
  5. PRACTICE Practice with your lamb & practice your showmanship skills.  How?
    • Maybe, you’re not a smiler… make eye contact & smile at 3 people every day.  I bet they smile, back.
    • Maybe, you get flustered when asked a question… have your Mom, Dad, friend or whoever randomly ask you questions you might be asked by the judge.
    • Regularly practice walking, driving and standing with your lamb.

The most important thing is: identify your weak areas and work on them.  No one is perfect, we all have the opportunity to improve.

What do you think the biggest show ring mistake is?  What is the best showmanship advice you have?

Market Lamb Showmanship from Start to Finish 

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