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Oregon State 4-H & FFA Resources

Member and Volunteer Materials - Links from OSU Extention  Sheep Resources Handbook (194R; formerly 4-H 1420) 4-H Ewe Production Record (771-03R) fillable pdf or printable pdf Market Lamb Health Record download pdf (771-02) Oregon 4-H Meat Animal Advancement...

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Thank You Notes

"I said "thank you" and shook their hand, isn't that enough?" NO!  Saying thanks, sending a "thx" text or sending a quick email is better than not thanking them at all but, it is not enough.  You need to send a personal, handwritten thank you note. Don't worry, I'm...

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The Do’s & Don’t of Buyer Letters

Know your audience: what do they want to know, how do they want the information presented and what makes them choose one letter over another? This is what I have gathered buyers want in their letters and flyers from 4H/FFA members. Buyers want to know about YOU &...

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Buyer Letter Formula

Your Name mm/dd/yyyy Dear ______________,   Introduce yourself: name, age, grade, school, years in 4H/FFA and your club name.  Issue invitation: name and description of the event, date and time. Introduce your project: the project name and brief description....

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How To Get More From Your Feed Sack

If you have livestock, you have feed bags.  What do you do with yours?  We've always used ours as trash bags, storage bins for baling twine or to haul hay around.  There is so much more you can do with them! Plastic feed sacks are perfect for tote bags.  Take a look...

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