If you have livestock, you have feed bags.  What do you do with yours?  We’ve always used ours as trash bags, storage bins for baling twine or to haul hay around.  There is so much more you can do with them!

Plastic feed sacks are perfect for tote bags.  Take a look at feed sack tote bags on Etsy  or on Pinterest.  Easy DIY feed sack bag directions.

Here are some other great ideas to up-cycle your feed sack: keep in your car to hold messy shoes, clothes, etc., use for portable garden sacks or, if your having a party, fill with ice and drinks.  Planning on getting messy?  You can use them to make garden aprons, kid craft aprons, cover a table or for lining in pet carriers, cages or beds.

One last idea.  Here is a pattern to make a sheep coat.  Are you up for it?

What do you do with your feed sacks?  Horse & Rider found 50 ways to up-cycle feed bags and Timber Creek Farmer found creative ways to use their feed sacks.


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