Bailey Club Lambs – Sires

Hampshire Sire


Wharf – Hampshire Ram

Hampshire/Suffolk X Sire


1062, Jr. – Hampshire/Suffolk X Ram

Hampshire/Suffolk X Sire


Cosmo – Hampshire/Suffolk X Ram

Hampshire/Suffolk X Sire


Hamps – Hampshire/Suffolk X Ram

Good Breeding Shows

The qualities of these sires and our select ewes make for lambs with excellent conformation that finish well.  Our lambs are bred from sound stock that not only looks good on the outside but are hearty & healthy all the way though.  Our ewes are from show stock and are heavy milkers giving these project lambs a great start.  The good constitution with the excellent conformation makes for a perfect project lamb for 4-H or FFA members.  Contact us for more information on what we have available currently or send a request to be notified when next years lambs are available.

We look forward to seeing you this spring.

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