“I said “thank you” and shook their hand, isn’t that enough?”

NO!  Saying thanks, sending a “thx” text or sending a quick email is better than not thanking them at all but, it is not enough.  You need to send a personal, handwritten thank you note.
Don’t worry, I’m going to help you, it’s easy once you know the formula.

Greet them. Dear ____________,

Express to them how thankful you are, show gratitude.  “I’m so thankful…” “I really appreciate…” “It means so much to me…”

Tell them how you’re going to use the money/gift. “I am saving for…” “I am investing in…” “I’m going to use…” “Your generosity has allowed me to…”  (I am assuming that you will be putting this money/gift to good use.  If you plan to use the money in a way that you feel the buyer would disapprove ofit might be best to skip this step.)

Make it personal. “I learned so much this year…” “4H has helped me…” “FFA had taught me…” You can tell them about the work you did, a humorous or inspirational story about your 4H/FFA experience or your plans for the future.  (Keep in mind that you want them to feel good when they read this note)

Thank them, again. “Thank you, so much…” “I really appreciate your generosity…” “It means so much to me…”

Complimentary closing. Sincerely, Regards, Yours Truly, With Thanks…

Signature. Sign the card. If your signature is not legible print your name under the signature. A signature is your name in cursive. The exception, to signing your name in cursive, is young children.

When you’ve figured out what to say in your note, carefully and with your best handwriting, write your thank you note.

I suggest that you stay away from pre-printed thank you cards, pick a card specifically to thank that person.  For younger children, handmade cards are best.  For older kids, if you are creative and want to give a handmade card, that is great!  For those less creative, pick a card that shows you put thought into it.


Best Wishes,

Jess Bailey

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